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... and this is my story... :)

I started working way back in 1992. My family had a restaurant and they were counting on me to help. In two years I dedicated a good part of the weekends serving at the table while I was about 16 years old.

At school I was a little rebellious. I was never a brilliant student but I never had any major difficulties in understanding either. A certain level of neglect made me lose two years in highschool.

I entered University at 20. I spent the first year doing the minimum and in the second year I decided to do a part-time at a famous pizzeria to see if I could earn some extra money.

It was 24 hours a week that consumed me a lot of time. With what was left, I should focus on studying, but that was not always my option... Result: I failed on the second year.

I decided to let go the pizzaria job and that time was an "ahah" moment. Hospitality is tough. Very hard. My respect and empathy for those who do it is enormous.

Meanwhile someone injected me with the Erasmus "virus" and there I went to Alicante in Spain. Certainly one of the best years of my life at all levels - I didn't deserve it.

I came back to find out I had failed again! I had done enough in Erasmus but the college credit system and my neglect to scrutinize it didn't end well.

I wasn't let down by the event and used all the positive momentum post erasmus to carry out my best academic year. I crossed out 12 subjects out of a total of 13, which were the most difficult in the degree and which I had left behind.

Such success gave me encouragement to make a presentation to the university's dean, so that he would authorize me to enroll in the 5th year subjects (and thus be able to go from the 3rd to the 5th) in order not to lose 12 months enrolled in just 3 subjects.

I had to insist, persist and spend some time in the "office" between lines for assistance but I managed to get to the end goal - I am very grateful to those who gave in to my reasoned request since at the time I had no knowledge of similar cases.

Finally in 2004 I graduated in tourism management and planning at the University of Aveiro. But all the lost years left a mark: I couldn't waste any more time...

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My skills and what I can do for you and your business


I'm pretty good at implementing WordPress websites. I have much experience and know-how about the vast library of available plugins and how those work with each other.

I can save you a lot of headaches maintainning your website too. I know what to do before updating the system and also what to do if something goes wrong.

Multilingual websites

I lost count of how many multilingual sites I have implemented. It is a pain sometimes because it involves a lot of copy / paste and automatic translations aren't usually a good option.

I definitely can help you with your multilingual website.


I built several Woocommerce online stores over the years and I'm getting a specialist. WooCommerce is a special "beast" and has many small details to take care especially if your project is also special - many products, selling internationally, many shipping options, integration with external systems for stock managment, etc.

I feel confortable with many of these details and in case is too much for my "plate" I know people :)

Other special websites

Do you need a private area for your clients to login and access their documents?

Do you need an automation to pull information from google sheets to the website?

Do you want to present an inventory of something and it needs to be easy to manage? (example: real estate objects)

I have the skills and experience to implement these kind of systems.

Design, user interfaces and user expericence

I'm not specialized on these subjects but I have some education and experience on it.

Anything that could need a more deep understanding and specialization I can help with outsourcing.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other paid ads systems

I'm also not specialized on these subjects but I have some experience and I can help at least with some directions.

Other digital marketing skills

I "touch" almost all of the digital marketing fields of knowledge so I could be a good partner for consulting or give you a second opinion.

For more details check my linkedin profile and resume.

Do you think I can help?

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I'll see you on the other side. :)

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