Excellent work done. Thank you very much!
During its execution, the project underwent many changes, which were always promptly attended to and resolved, with professionalism and in good time.
I had many uncertainties, but you always had the patience to deal with each one of them as if it were their project, a commitment that goes far beyond a simple provision of services.
Very successful votes!

Joao Gouveia - Skipper

António Almeida is an excellent professional and a Coach ID partner practically since the company's launch.
I highly recommend!

João Rico

This is Cláudia from Lovelab - I send proof of the 2nd payment as an attachment. Accounts settled!
I would also like to thank you for your commitment - it is spectacular! We are already introducing all the content without any problem - it's still plenty. Very soon, we'll get back to you for the launch of the thing!


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Below you can find the most frequently asked questions about the services. For anything else please use the web form, email address of phone number.
What is your average quote for a WordPress website?
Usually this is the "thing" people want to know immediately :) It depends on the project but I would say you should expect a minimum of 1500€.
I need a very simple website. Can you do it for 500€?
All sites should focus on simplicity but simple doesn't imply lower value added or less work needed. I don't say NO but ... it probably won't happen with my colaboration. That budget limit is too low to cover my opportunity cost.
How long do you take to build a website?
You should expect somewhere between 4 to 12 weeks.
Do you offer support after the site building process is done?
Yes. Usually the initial quote includes the 1st year of support and maintenance. After that something between 150€ and 600€ per year (WordPress core and plugins updates).
What about digital marketing services like managing Google Ads campaigns?
I opened a Google Adwords account in 2005 for my own business. If I remember right my first client came from it. I'm t-shaped in digital marketing: I focus on website implementation but I have some experience in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Email Marketing and other digital marketing areas of expertise. I'll hear you, analise it and present a quote if I'm able to handle it. If too much for my "plate", I'll help you find someone that fits your project / idea.
How can we be sure you will not just "disappear"? :)
We all disapear someday... right? Well... I'm here for the last 15 years. I still have clients from that initial professional period. I can guarantee you that if I go "somewhere" you are on the top list to know and prepare.
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