Jack of all trades, ...

... master of none - the infamous quote many people use when they want to advocate for specialization.

However the (possible) original quote has a different meaning - I knew this not long ago.

Jack of all trades, though oftentimes better than master of one

There isn't a certain way to say what is the original quote but we can say there are two perspectives.

One might say it is better to get very good at one thing than trying to hit all ducks in the lake.

Or we could say that is better to know about a few things than to focus on just one skill which might not have demand for.

Diversification vs specialization

Remembers me the Shark Tank show.

Mr. Wonderful bets on diversification while the Mavericks shark is more a "all in" kind of guy. Well... he diversifies a lot in his investments so ... I don't know 😉

IMO I think we should be good enough in something before we go search something else to be good at, but diversification is a good idea. We might not hit a jackpot ("all ins" are usually better at this but those are not common) but we also don't lose everything if something goes really bad.

Ok, there are some exceptions. You are not going to marry someone and "have an extra wife / husband just in case" 🙂 but in professional world is good to have options, especially these days where technology is so daring.

Why not learn some code while we perform in marketing?

Why not learn some google ads while we usually run our day with programming?

Why not get to know some nocode / lowcode platform that are hitting the market like crazy instead of thinking "I'm a php programmer and that is what I do"?

The world is a mdf but ...

... the obstacles are the way!

Diversification and specialization help to overcome them.

Be nice to feel nice!


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