The first post on the new website!

Hello world!!

Here we go. After years and years without a website while I was building sites for others I finally created my "baby".

Still work in progress. Want to make it pixel perfect but you know, pixels aren´t perfect and there is always something to do. Something that doesn't look great in mobile because "we" forget to check it or something tha looks great in one page but after putting some content... nahhhh, "I have to change it". It happens and nothing is perfect. Always "work in progress" 🙂

So... I should be writing here often. At least that is my idea.

As you should notice, english is not my native language and you should find weird grammar too. Well... I should get better at that also. Give me time.

I'm calling this "the market". It is a WordPress blog. It is tech news platform. It is something that I'm still not sure.

I would be writting about WordPress, WooCommerce and their ecosystem: plugins, themes, tutorials about "how I do things" and so on.

I'll surely do some affiliate marketing here. I promise I won't promote anything that I won't find valuable and I'll always disclose if I bought the product, if I got it for free and other details. At the end I'll be transparent.

So there you go: "another WordPress blog" ahah

Be nice to feel nice!


P.S. Check the about me if you want to know my story.

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